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Package ‘intergraph’ (1.1-0) released!

September 20, 2011

I just released the first official version of the ‘intergraph’ R package.

With the functions provided in the current version (1.1-0) you can convert network data objects between classes ‘igraph’ and ‘network’. The package supports directed and undirected networks, and handles the node, tie, and network (graph) attributes. Mutliplex networks (i.e., with possibly multiple ties per dyad) are also supported, although not thoroughly tested.

Network objects of class ‘network’ (from package “network”) can be used to store hypergraphs. Conversion of these is not supported at this time.

Both ‘igraph’ and ‘network’ classes can be used to explicitly deal with bipartite networks. Currently, for the bipartite networks, only the conversion from ‘igraph’ to ‘network’ will work. I hope to be able to add the conversion in the other direction in future releases.

You can download and install the package from CRAN. The package sources are hosted on R-Forge here.

  1. Will Kim permalink
    August 25, 2012 05:16

    This is extremely helpful! Thank you for your awesome work.

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